hi there..

I've got a ton of new things to post this week, just have to process all the images. One quick question though: I've been thinking about writing a little about the intent behind some of the images. Is anyone interested in hearing about them in addition to seeing them? Or would you all rather just see them as a gallery of pictures? Let me know either way.. I'd love to know what you guys think!

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

Hej Jen,

I would love to read the thoughts you have about your illustrations. For me it would give a little icing on a beautiful cake.

"See" you tomorrow.


remedios said...

i've been following your work weekly and i'd love to find out what lies behind it

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Jen!
I think that is a great idea. I would love to know about your work.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jen! Would love to, reading your comments is a lot like chatting with you...very conversational. Bring it! hope you're well...
Kristin (from Portland)

frida said...

yes, I'd love to read that.

Tonia Arnold said...

Hi Jen,

I think you create just amazing work and I'd love to hear how you come up with such great ideas. Your images are so romantic and touching. It would be fun to hear about what you started with and how your pieces evolved into what they become.

Thanks for sharing!


jill said...

yes - i want to hear! Also - love the Bruce Mau post. THanks!

Anonymous said...

Absolutly! I just recently saw your work in Lakewood, CO and loved it! I really enjoy your site and your work and would love to hear your thoughts.-Amanda, CO

shelteredbythesky said...

I am very moved by your work....the story about your Gram and the butterflies is memorable and delightful, as is your work. Please, share the stories behind your work.